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The Pros and Cons of Sharing Rooms in London

Sharing rooms in London can be the perfect solution to keeping your monthly expenses down when living on your own. Before looking at London house shares, there are, however, a few pros and cons to consider…

The Advantages of Sharing Rooms in London

The main advantage of living in an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) apartment is that your rent and utility bills (council tax, electricity, gas, etc.) will be divided by the number of occupants – which, of course, will substantially reduce your monthly outgoings.

Then, of course will be able to share household duties/responsibilities, which can be a real burden when facing them on your own. What’s more, there will always be someone around to talk to, cook & share food or watch a movie with.

Having someone around to share your happy moments, fears and worries with can be especially important if you’re new to London and haven’t had a chance to make new friends yet (which can leave you feeling incredibly sad and alone).

Meeting new people (i.e. your flatmates and their friends) allows you to expand your own circle of friends, as well as giving you a chance to meet and get to know people from different backgrounds better. It will also allow you to improve and expand your personal experience by learning about different cultures/rituals from around the world.

The Disadvantages of London House Shares

Sharing a house usually means that certain areas (living room, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom) are shared between all occupants.

One of the main issues people experience is subsequently the invariable lack of solitude and privacy. Your bedroom may be the one and only place where you can ‘get away’ from others when you feel the need to do so. Someone continually being around or perhaps even going through your belongings can get annoying…

Keeping a ‘good tone’ also necessitates adapting to everybody’s personal needs and preferences. People are different, as are their needs, so this can get a little tricky.

Then, of course, there is the need to ask everyone’s permission if, for example, you want to invite friends over or have a party. Necessary because one or more of them may require rest, be working or need peace and quiet to study for exams, this is another common cause of disputes between flatmates.

Making Your Decision

Deciding whether you want to rent on your own or share is not easy. We recommend considering the pros & cons we’ve listed above in view of your priorities, i.e. what do you value most:

  • The ability to save money
  • Your freedom to come & go and have parties, etc. whenever you want
  • Privacy & solitude or company and ‘instant’ friends

Decided sharing rooms in London is your best option? Offering an extensive range of all-inclusive HMO properties across the South East and London, we make finding shared accommodation easy. To discuss your preferences and/or arrange a viewing, give us a call on +44 208 004 3500 or contact us online today.

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