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Share House London – The Pros and Cons

Share House London – The Pros and Cons

Hoping to share house London? Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider before committing yourself to sharing a house with others.

Share House London – The Pros

The first, and perhaps most important, advantage of sharing a house in London is the fact that you can substantially reduce your expenses by dividing rent, utility bills, etc. by the number of people occupying the house. This, of course, makes living in London a great deal more affordable.

Secondly, house sharing is a fantastic way of meeting new people. Typically consisting of young people starting work in London, these people make up a kind of ‘friend starter pack’ you can build on and share household responsibilities/duties with.

What’s more, living with likeminded people means you always have someone near you to share your happy moments and worries with, so you will never feel alone or sad; you can watch movies or sit up talking half the night; share food and cook together and more.

Making friends among the people you live with will also allow you to expand your circle of friends by meeting your flatmates’ existing friends. This, of course, is a fantastic opportunity to meet, get to know and make friends with people from all sorts of different backgrounds – which in turn will enrich your personal life experience by giving you a better idea about different cultures, beliefs and rituals from all over the world.

Share House London – The Cons

The main problem of sharing a property with others is the lack of solitude and privacy. In many cases, the only place you can go to if you feel the need to be alone will be your room, and if there is someone who never fails to be around and perhaps even goes through your belongings, things can get rather annoying.

Then, of course, there is the fact that you will have to share certain areas of the house – the lounge/living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc. – with others. Keeping a ‘good tone’ necessitates adapting to everyone’s preferences and needs. As people are different and have different needs, this can at times prove to be a tricky undertaking.

Another disadvantage of sharing is that you will always have to ask your housemates’ permission to invite friends over or have a party – they may, after all, need a little privacy, peace and quiet to study, work or rest at the time you intend to chat or party with your friends.

Matters can get seriously fraught if you find your new flatmates impossible to get on with. There really is nothing worse than signing a rental agreement only to find one of your co-residents likes to listen to very loud heavy metal rock at 2 AM while leaving his dirty underwear all over the place!

Share House London with Ace Relocations

We take the horror out of sharing a house in London by ensuring all our tenants are professionals with a respectful attitude both towards the people they share with and the properties they live in.

All our shared rentals are all inclusive and close to public transport links within prime London locations. They also invariably come with all mod cons and weekly cleaners – Shared simplicity! Learn More.


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