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When you choose to live in one of our properties,

you have chosen a unique way of living that we believe only Ace Relocations can deliver. There are many London flatshare companies, but we feel none go the extra mile like us.

With a housekeeper and all mod cons provided with all inclusive living you can be assured of a great experience with us.

Living in an Ace Relocations property with like minded professionals is a great way to start or further your career in London as you will become a member of an existing professional social network.

Are you keen to know more about our All-Inclusive room rentals? We have answered frequently asked questions below…

What are the fees involved using Ace Relocations?

We charge an £195 administration fee per room (£265 for couples) to cover referencing and licencing agreements. There is an additional £150 guarantor fee if you are required one.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes you need to pay a deposit before you move into the property. This is normally the equivalent of the monthly price of a room. For example, if your room is £520 per month then this is the deposit amount. The deposit is often referred to as a ‘bond’.

What is the minimum length of contract?

There is a minimum stay of 6 months with a 6 weeks notice period, however individual circumstances will be considered.

Can I reserve a room in advance before arrival?

Yes this is possible and often recommended, particularly in busy times of year. While it is nice to have the peace of mind to view rooms/houses yourself, using the knowledge and expertise of the Ace Relocations team can guarantee you a place from the comfort of your computer/phone before you arrive in the United Kingdom.

Can you provide a pick up service from the airport on arrival?

Yes this is possible. Please contact Ace Reolcations for this. We use reliable and trusted taxi drivers who will pick you up at an agreed spot and take you to the property. Here you will meet a member of the Ace Relocations team or a designated member of the existing house share.

How are my housemates selected?

We only accept professionals into our houses. Most housemates are registered with professional type agencies in London. As all of our properties are located close to public transport links this makes getting around the city much easier.

What happens if I am being relocated to another job?

This is perfectly normal. You can either follow the notice period as explained or move at the earliest opportunity to an available Ace Relocations property that is closer to your place of work.

How do I pay the rent?

Rent should be paid one month in advance by standing order to Ace Relocations. The rent is always due on the first day of each month in advance. If you move in on or before the 23rd of any month then you will pay only the remainder of that that month and then start to pay in full at the start of the following month. Account details are provided on your move in or previously via email.

What happens if I am late paying the rent?

Please make every effort to pay your rent on the agreed date. If in exceptional circumstances, you have difficulty, please contact a member of Ace Relocations management at If there is no communication a penalty charge will be incurred.

All utility bills are paid by Ace Relocations

The residents however pay a small contribution of £10 pw towards the costs.

Can I use the deposit to pay for the last month’s rent?

The deposit/bond can not be used to pay for the last month’s rent. The idea of the deposit is to protect against any damages that may arise and to cover any possible unpaid rents owed.

What happens if I would like to renew?

You can renew for Licence for another three or six months for no extra cost, or you can renew for shorter term or to a rolling contract. There is no further administration fee for any of these choices

What happens if I would like to leave?

Please email to to with your move out date and giving a reason for your departure. Once this email has been received the 6 weeks notice period takes effect.

Will my deposit be refunded?

Your deposit is refunded via online bank transfer. We can only refund deposits to UK bank accounts due to the difficulties of overseas transfers.

When will my deposit be refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded within 10 days after your departure via online transfer, Overseas can take up to 14 working days. Please avoid closing down UK bank accounts until this has happened.

What if I have family or friends to stay with me?

We recognise that people coming from overseas will want to stay in the property when they come to visit. If anyone is considering staying longer than 5 working days Ace Relocations must be contacted before any agreement is made. Please also communicate with other housemates if people are staying!


Our properties are serviced weekly by professional cleaning companies and this service is fully included in the rent. They clean the kitchen, bathrooms and all other communal areas and your bedrooms, plus they provide liquid soap and toilet paper in all bathrooms.