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Ace Relocations is not an estate agent. We have created a new way of moving home for professionals in the capital: a house share community which offers everything you need with minimum fuss but with maximum lifestyle for residents.

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We effectively become your tenant by signing a commercial contract with you to take charge of your property.


During the ‘tenancy’ we pay you a guaranteed monthly rent, regardless of occupancy and we maintain the property. Ace Relocations becomes entirely responsible for sourcing residents, keeping them happy in their homes and collecting rental payments.



Our premium house shares include everything a resident should need. Residents pay us one monthly bill and we will take care of the rest. Residents will be matched with a like-minded community to encourage a welcoming,professional and friendly home. The vast majority of our residents are professionals in their mid-20s and 30s. We set a limit on the number of residents living at a property. Bedrooms are usually single occupancy. Over a number of years we have built relationships with well-known companies and recruitment consultants, who approach us to find accommodation for their staff. We advertise via our website, online and in print. We also receive a high number of referrals from previous and current residents.


We do not charge our landlords for the let of the property, although some maintenance expenses are passed through (see our maintenance instruction form for details).

Our revenue is generated on the differential between the rent we pay to landlords and rent we collect from residents. We charge our residents a slight premium for providing high-spec rooms that are inclusive of utility bills and have weekly cleaners.

We are your tenant, so we pay the rent directly. Payments are made directly from our bank account to yours. We generally prefer to pay on the fifth of each month unless you specifically request otherwise.



We check properties weekly and also have weekly cleaning to ensure your property is regularly inspected and looked after. This method ensures early detection of any defects which will more often than not result in lower maintenance costs. Annual preventative maintenance such as boiler services and gas safety checks keeps your property in excellent order and eliminates any hassle for you.

As the landlord, you will still be responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for. However, as the manager of the property, Ace Relocations will do most of the legwork. For basic wear and tear and upkeep we have full-time maintenance staff. If something requires attention they see to it. We will always provide you with a quote prior to carrying out any work and we arrange access so you do not have to be involved. Routine and anticipated obligations such as gas safety certificates, will be organised by us; we’ll handle the logistics and pass through the cost.

While we manage your property we will respond to incidents with residents. For example, residents will call us if they are locked out or lose their keys and we will organize replacements. Again, this is a primary benefit of having Ace Relocation as your sole tenant rather than having to manage the property yourself on a day-to-day basis.


Most of our properties are three, four or five bedroom flats and houses or blocks of studios.

If you own a property like that and would rather not have the hassle of day-to-day management and tenant-sourcing, our service is worth your consideration.



We conduct formal inspections every six months and send a professional report directly to you.

Ace Relocations staff carries out informal inspections every time they visit a property, whether it is to conduct a viewing or to check a gas meter.

If you wish, we can arrange for you to periodically inspect the property to ensure you are happy with the way we are managing things.


Ace Relocations is a reliable and financially robust company for commercially-minded landlords. Our experience in the rental market in London allows landlords to enjoy medium to long-term lets, minimizing landlords unwanted costs and tenant-related problems.

Once you have signed a contract with Ace Relocations you do not have to wait for us to source residents before you begin to receive rent. Ace Relocations is your tenant so you receive rent whether or not the property is occupied. Of course we anticipate being able to find residents quickly, so you receive the full rent from us month in month out, regardless of the property’s occupancy.



We will submit an offer within 24 hours of a viewing that we feel is fair based on current market conditions in your area if the property suits us. We do not attempt to offer below the market value, which is in direct contrast to the unrealistic’dream valuations’ offered by some local estate agents! We do not renegotiate halfway through the lease and there are no break clauses, so we are very careful to offer a figure that is commercially viable for both you and Ace Relocations.

We will generally take on properties all year round.We have residents seeking accommodation at all times and as far as we are concerned, just because it is December or some other famously’quiet’ period this doesn’t mean your property should sit empty.



We prefer to give landlords a professional insurance bond in your name that covers you for a range of eventualities including rental loss, damage and legal fees.This will insure your property will always be protected in all circumstances.